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All you need to start running

(WorkFlow Automation)

(MAM & Archive)

Video Solutions

From ingest to playout, all the tools you need to manage your valuable media assets and your content delivery operations in one place.


a video filmed discussion


  • Our systems support all media types including professional formats such as MXF, GXF, AVC and more.                         


  • Access your content from anywhere utilizing our web based interface - No installation required.


  • Modular- Need a central MAM system, an archive solution, a distribution platform, tailored to your specific needs at no extra cost. 


  • Flexible - Create your meta fields and design your data forms, create your own hierarchical folder structure, define and enforce your organization policies and so much more.


All these features and many more can help you modify the system to fit your needs, rather than modify your needs to the system.

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