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IB Traffix

iSolutions - IB TraffiX - Traffic Scheduling for Radio & TV
iSolutions - IB TraffiX - Contract Management for Radio & TV

IB TraffiX is the most effective tool for managing advertising for the media broadcaster, webcaster and other billboards, corporate and retail media display.

IB TraffiX optimizes the way Media Broadcasters sell, plan and broadcast advertising.  Real-time, remote knowledge of schedule availability, as well as the ability to offer flexible, tailored scheduling, simplifies and improves the advertising sales process.  Scheduling developed according to client-defined parameters may be planned well in advance or just seconds before actual broadcast.


Fully integrated with the broadcasting system, ads, promos, sponsorships and teasers are programmed automatically, as defined according to client agreements.  Rules, determined by clients, the station or even cultural influences, may be programmed into the system.

IB TraffiX automates and thereby dramatically reduces the time spent on tasks related to advertising traffic, particularly the time devoted to the scheduling process and contracts.  The flexible nature of the software allows pricing based on seconds, plays, contracts and deals, with multiple transactions covered in a single contract.  Clients’ planned and unplanned ad spending is monitored and the information is available in real-time.


Furthermore, IB TraffiX enables custom reporting and export of information into excels spreadsheets or accounting systems, enabling further calculations and forecasts.

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Flexible Contract Management

Intelligent Air-Time Optimization

Reduce Scheduling Time by 50%

Real-Time Validation Information

Super Fast Updates to On-Air Breaks

Real-Time Scheduling Statistics


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IB TraffiX Key Features

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