IB Workflow is an extremely flexible workflow engine that allows you to fully automate your tasks, and easily enforce your organization policies.


IB Workflow is a modular solution consists of a Workflow Manager, Process Controllers, and Workflow Activities.

The Intelligent Media Broadcast Platform

The first, all in one Broadcast Automation ERP system.  IB - Intelligent Broadcast solution offers total, transparent management, allowing 24/7 broadcast without the costs of a 24/7 staff.  The system saves time and staff costs by cutting scheduling time in half, reducing the traffic manager’s administrative tasks and offering automatic playout functions.  In parallel, the increased flexibility in terms of selling, planning, executing advertising and extreme live broadcast on the fly intervention, helps our clients to quickly earn back their investment.


 The Intelligent Broadcast platform is a cost effective ERP solutions, built as a complete modular platform, and enable media organizations to dynamically assemble their suite, according to their specific needs and requirements, while it can be easily expended at any time without any additional costs.

Combining all modules together, creates a full end-to-end ERP solution, allowing media organizations to manage everything they need under one homogenous and integrated system.

from acquisition to playout, from manual playlists to full automatic scheduling, from clients management to billing – everything is managed using one system, leading to the reduce of operational costs, while streamline the workflow and allowing easier administration


 The IB system is fully compatible with external expert systems, such as: External Editing systems, FX, existing play out systems, news rooms, and others. The IB system is completely format in depended, it designed to operate in a standard IT environment, and supports all of your broadcast media needs, for Radio broadcasting, Web casting, Corporate and retail media distribution.




IB Traffix

iSolutions - IB TraffiX - Advertise & Traffic Menegement for Radio & TV

IB TraffiX is the most effective tool for managing advertising for the media broadcaster, webcaster and other billboards, corporate and retail media display.


IB TraffiX optimizes the way Media Broadcasters sell, plan and broadcast advertising.  Real-time, remote knowledge of schedule availability, as well as the ability to offer flexible, tailored scheduling, simplifies and improves the advertising sales process.



IB Exion

IB Exion’s features and technologies leads to an uncompromised flexibility throughout the entire broadcasting process…


IB Exion is a digital broadcasting system and the heart of the Intelligent Broadcast solution. The software contains several modules that handle all media management workflow: from ingesting thru editing, playlists management and full board scheduling to on air live assist and fully automatic playout.  




iSolutions - IBExion - Scheduling & Playout Automation for Radio & TV

IB GleanX is vital tool for monitoring your broadcast efficiently.


An intelligent recording, archiving, information retrieval and problem solving tool, IB GleanX plans and schedules automatic recordings and can automatically cut and transfer files to IB Exion for rebroadcast when needed.  IB GleanX‘s unlimited number of recording channels allows simultaneous recording from different sources and managing an unlimited number of recording sessions. 


IB GleanX

iSolutions - IB GleanX - Logging & Recording for Radio & TV

IB Server is an administrative tool that maintains the integrity of broadcast stations’ networks and databases by continuously checking the quality of the information. From Peer to Peer through Client Server, the server joins the different computer stations together to optimize communication between them. 

IB Server

iSolutions - IB Server - Central Network Management for Radio & TV

IB CRM helps you manage your costumers, agents, ads agencies and sale processes, and provides the sales managers with vital information that helps them to deeply understand the costumers and agencies revenues, agents efficiency (annual sales, closing statistics etc.), scheduling routines and much more, and use that information to maximize organization sales.



iSolutions - IB CRM - Slaes Management for Radio & TV

Broadcasters, Advertising agencies, media organization, and many other companies and institutes have large amounts of valuable media assets accumulated, and they are continue producing more and more materials every day. For these media organizations, their media assets are the most important and most valuable assets; intelligent management of these assets is crucial..



iSolutions - IBMC (IMC) - Media Asset Menegement for Radio & TV

Advanced Reporting AND Business Intelligence.


IBBI is an advanced reporting portal, based on the well-known SQL Reporting Services and SQL Analysis Services that offers a very flexible platform to manage your reports delivery.

iSolutions - Radio TV Solutions

IB WorkFlow

iSolutions - IB WorkFlow - Workflow Automation  for Radio & TV


iSolutions - IBBI - Report System & Business Intelligence for Radio & TV