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iSolutions - IB CRM - Sales Management for Radio & TV
iSolutions - IB CRM - Campaign Management for Radio & TV

The decision of implementing a CRM system is based on a strategic point of view, which place the costumer at the center of the organization’s business activities. The system’s main task is to manage all the information gathered from the client’s relationships and build specific profiles which than enables the organization to provide more individual and tailor made services to their clients.


IB CRM helps you manage your costumers, agents, ads agencies and sale processes, and provides the sales managers with vital information that helps them to deeply understand the costumers and agencies revenues, agents efficiency (annual sales, closing statistics etc.), scheduling routines and much more, and use that information to maximize organization sales.


IB CRM is designed especially for the media industry and enables uncompromising products management that doesn’t exists in similar systems (e.g. time repository, separate management for commercials, sponsorships, promos or any other media products). IBCRM is fully integrated with the IB TraffiX scheduling system and the IB Exion playout system and enables multi directional data sharing – deals data from IBCRM reflects in the IB TraffiX system, scheduling and usage data is sent back to IBCRM etc.


The IBCRM reports module provides advanced features that enables you to build and design reports for your specific needs, you can select the fields that will be use in the report and determine their order, you can also add sorts and filters, groups and more, additionally all reports can be exported to Excel or external accounting systems for more further calculations.

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Secure Client/Agent Allocation

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Increase Agents Performance

Advanced Reports And Business Intelligence

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