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Our radio specific tailored suit

(Scheduling & Playout)

(Advertise Management)

(Central Administration)

(MAM & Archive)

(Reporting & BI)

(Recording & Logging)

(Workflow Automation)

The most intelligent Broadcast Automation ERP system. 

IB - Intelligent Broadcast solution offers total, transparent management, allowing 24/7 broadcast without the costs

of a 24/7 staff.


The system saves time and staff costs by cutting scheduling time, reducing the sales manager’s administrative tasks and offering playout automation functions.  In parallel, the increased flexibility in terms of selling, planning, executing advertising and extreme live broadcast on the fly intervention, helps our clients to quickly earn back their investment.


 Combining all modules together, creates a full end-to-end ERP solution, allowing media organizations to manage everything they need under one homogenous and integrated system.


 From ingest to playout, from manual playlists to full automatic scheduling, from clients management to billing – everything is managed using one system, leading to the reduce of operational costs, while streamline the workflow and allowing easier administration.


 Using our advanced music analysis and meta data management, our intelligent playlist templating and integration with the largest world music information providers, you can easily deliver more and more channels to increase your audience, while maintaining irreconcilable quality.

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