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iSolutions - IBMC (IMC) - Ingest & Edit

IBMC enables you to store, catalog and manage digital assets of all types in a very easy and efficient way. IMC enables storing and indexing of all media assets under one homogenous system that can be reached from every computer inside or outside the organization. Users can log into the system using a protected password and perform simple or advanced search requests to quickly find the needed assets and retrieve them with the click of a button.


The system’s flexible architecture enables organizations to customize the system to fit their specific needs – system administrator can create any folders hierarchy, any meta filed of any type (text, number, date, time code, etc.) and create different ingest and display forms for different types of assets.




IBMC can be reached from several user interfaces such desktop application, cross platform web access, or even through our Windows Explorer plugin which provides full OS integration and enable you to access your assets directly from every windows application (no import/export/conversion is needed).


The system support all file types and all media formats, it automatically generate proxy files (lo-rez) for every media asset to ensure it can be played from everywhere without any installation.


The system offers a great amount of flexibility and customization options – you can create your own folder structure, create your own meta fields, define mandatory fields, design your own forms and so on.

iSolutions - IBMC (IMC) - Secure Web Access

Supports All Media Formats

Full Text Indexing and Ranking Algorithms

Infinite Custom Meta Fields

Secure Web Access

Windows Explorer Integration

Per-Item Per-User Permissions


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IBMC Key Features

IBMC provides you with powerful system that acts as the main vain to reach your content through the entire organization.

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