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IB GleanX

iSolutions - IB FleanX - Multichannel Logging & Recording for Radio & TV
iSolutions - IB FleanX - Multichannel Logging & Recording for Radio & TV

IB GleanX is vital tool for monitoring your broadcast efficiently.


An intelligent recording, archiving, information retrieval and problem solving tool, IB GleanX plans and schedules automatic recordings and can automatically cut and transfer files to IB Exion for rebroadcast when needed.  IB GleanX‘s unlimited number of recording channels allows simultaneous recording from different sources and managing an unlimited number of recording sessions. For example, a media company may record several broadcast stations ( TV Channel, Radio station, Web cast etc.), and additional events such as special programs and live events - all from a single IB GleanX unit.  Continuous recording allows the station to record their own broadcasts in a recursive recording with no end time (FIFO mode). The user defines the archiving period (such as three months) and IB GleanX continuously records and deletes files accordingly.  Long time continuous recordings of programming and events are made possible by IB GleanX’s powerful recording engine that enable “hot swapping" of input sources and compression types "on the fly" without interrupting the recording.  For optimal reduction of storage space needed for recording IB GleanX performs a real-time compression, and may set a table of different compression types - sessions recorded during different parts of the day are recorded with varying quality while the recoding itself remains stable, continuous, and gap-free.

Quick & Easy Information Retrieval


The GleanX player functions include tracking and monitoring with unique features for quick navigation and easy access to the recorded material – use can load and play sessions recorded in IB GleanX, cut the needed parts and send them to IB Exion, or export to file for use with external systems.

 Navigation can be time based (e.g. specific date & time), session related, index related and timeline based. Users can navigate thru an interactive timeline, go to marker or specific time.

 The GleanX player can operate as a standalone application, or as extension module for other IB applications, and enables simulations access of multiple users throughout the organization.

Robust 24/7 Recording Engine

Records Both FIFO And Scheduled Events Modes

Infinite Recording Channels

On-The-Fly File/Format Switch

Super Fast Retrieval

Automated Export Tasks


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IB GleanX Key Features

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