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IB WorkFlow

 IB Workflow is an extremely flexible workflow engine that allows you to fully automate your tasks, and easily enforce your organization policies.

 IB Workflow is a modular solution consists of a Workflow Manager, Process Controllers, and Workflow Activities.This modular architecture enables easy resource distribution for load balancing and infinite scalability according to your dynamically changing requirements.


 An intuitive graphical interface enable you to design your workflow by simply drag the activities you need and draw arrows between them to set their relationships.To dig dipper and create more advance workflows you can use our JavaScript light compiler for data manipulation and calculation, add more advanced conditions and functions to your script (such as search, compare, trim, split, combine, math) and many more.You can also call one workflow from another workflow and pass variables between them and within them.

You have several activities such as Read Meta, Write Meta, Proxy Generator, File Transfer, Audio Fingerprint Generator, Conditions, Image Processor and many more.

iSolutions - IB Workflow Designer

 The possibilities are endless… you need to share your content with external system? Just add another file transfer activity and set the location for export, you need the exported file in a different format? Just add another transcoder activity before it and set required output format.


 You can use the Workflow Monitor for real-time monitoring and track workflows progress and status, you can see all workflow variables update in real-time to effectively “debug” your designs and bring your workflows to perfection.

iSolutions - IB Workflow Monitor

Advanced reporting and real-time dashboards enables you to track the entire workflow environment, identify bottle necks, and track workflow history.

Automates All Technical Tasks

Aggregates Meta-Data Automatically

Infinite Customizable Workflows

Automatically Distribute Items To Folders

Audio Fingerprinting Identification

Various Calculations And Text Manipulation


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IB Workflow Key Features

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