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iSolutions - Sales Dashboard

 You can organize your reports in a structural folders manner, you can set different permissions for each report, you can create scheduled report generation and automatic delivery, and you can even use the SQL Report Builder to create your own special reports.


  • Interactive Report Viewers


 You can use either a desktop application or web based report viewer which eliminates the need of pre installing any client-side software.
Both viewers enable you to interact with the reports server to easily sort, slice and group your data and get exactly the picture you’re looking for.


  • Out-of-the-box Reports


 We provide you with dozens of out-of-the-box reports, interactive dashboards, and report templates which you can then use to create your own custom reports.

  • Playout Reports


 You can generate an actual as-run broadcast reports, get statistics of your rotations repetitive tracks, you see what has been scheduled in the past or in the future, compare between your schedule and your actual playout,  generate reports for copyrights regulations and many many more.


  • Sales Reports


 The sales section offers various of different reports and dashboards to help you maximize your sales force, among them you can find schedule and summary reports, planning and forecast reports, accounting reports, executive dashboards with valuable data such as agent performance, air-time utilization, find out who are your biggest client and who are your most profitable client (as income per second), who are your most efficient agents and agencies (consider their commissions), track your yearly goals and more.


  • Technical Reports

 Technical reports helps you track your system and workflows and keep it as efficient as possible. You can track history of all activities over your different network clients (who did what, where, when, and what happened with it), you can get statistics of your overall system performance to identify bottlenecks and eliminate problems

iSolutions - Advanced Air-Time Availability Table

IBBI is an advanced reporting portal, based on the well-known SQL Reporting Services and SQL Analysis Services and offers a very flexible platform to manage your reports delivery.

Cutomizable Report Portal

Interactive Filtering, 

Grouping, Sorting, Drilldown


Easily Export to Excel, PDF, Word, etc.

Direct Access From Excel For Advanced Actions

Friendly Report Builder Application


Secure Web Access With Per-Report Permissions


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IBBI Key Features

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