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IB Exion

  • Media Management


Whether you’re editing your playlists manually or automatically, our playlist editor can help you speed up this process, and will even help you to create better playlists using recommendations, rules and restrictions.
You can edit playlists using a plane track list or using our interactive timeline editor to interactively set in-out point, set your cross exactly as you want it to, you even bind items to other items in the playlist to insert sweepers and voice overs in the middle of songs – all these setting saved and played on air exactly as you planned them – with up to 1 millisecond accuracy.

iSolutions - IB Exion - Live Assist & Auto Pilot
iSolutions - IB Exion - Playlist Scheduling for Radio & TV
iSolutions - IB Exion - Ingest & Edit for Radio & TV

IB Exion is a digital broadcasting system and the heart of the Intelligent Broadcast solution. The software contains several modules that handle all media management workflow: from ingesting thru editing, playlists management and full board scheduling to on air live assist and fully automatic playout.

  • Playout


Our playout module offer comprehensive set of tools designed to keep you on the air no matter what. You can fit it to everything scenario from a complete live assist real time show where everything happens in-place,

all the way to fully automatic playout and multichannel playout delivery. You can even combine them all together to create semi-automatic mode.

  • Scheduling


IB Exion provides a sophisticated, yet simple way to manage your schedules. Using a multi-layered scheduling management you can easily automate your scheduling process while still keeping under your control.You can still use our manual playlist editor to edit playlist in the traditional way, but if you want to leverage our music intelligence and meta data management you can use our playlist templating mechanism and let our intelligent playlist generator to create the playlists for you – just as you wanted them to look like if you would that manually.

Our “Program Watcher” service is constantly scan the playlists and provides you with real-time information about you scheduling status, you can see which programs has already been edited and which are still empty, you can get notification about time gaps in your playlist, you can even see your entire daily playlists from top to bottom.

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Multiple Players and Audio Devices

Infinite Time-line

Live Inputs

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Playout Automation

Multi-Channel Playout


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IBExion Key Features

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