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 Our CRM and TraffiX management enables you to forecast your peaks and lows in advance and properly plan your pricing and sales strategy.


 Our TraffiX system is based on intelligent scheduling algorithms, which allow you to optimize and squeeze the most of your limited air time.


 We do that using smart inventory management and intelligent scheduling prioritization, this allows you to provide your clients with a tailor made campaigns on one hand, while optimize your air time on the other hand… and it’s all automatic!


 Our CRM allows you to manage your agents, agencies and clients, it includes many features like leads management and communication tracking, budget management including commissions and discounts, real-time budget utilization and payment tracking and many more features that will help to keep your sales forces under control

Lost (air)time will never come back…


Planning your airtime properly is crucial for maximizing your airtime sales revenue. 

In order to really maximize your air time sales you’ll need a Time-oriented sale system and not just any sale system.


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