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About Us

iSolutions is a software development company specialized in smart media management solutions.


 Our team has a very rich background and experience in the media industry, and more than 10 years of experience in professional software development.


 Based on our wide experience and deep understanding of the media workflows and requirements, and after experiencing the difficulties on first hand, we’ve developed a powerful and innovative set of tools, which can provides a total ERP and a full end-to-end solution for media organizations.


 Established by senior and experts in the broadcast industry, iSolutions is committed to develop smart media management solutions that streamline processes and offer quick return on investment. We accomplish this by integrating systems and aligning operations throughout the entire workflow in ways that support both editorial creativity and time-critical production schedules. The toolset we built to collect, index, catalog, retrieve, manipulate, distribute and protect the copyrights of audiovisual and multi-format materials are built to professional standards and have won accolades for being functionally intuitive.

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